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3 Crucial Home Buying Considerations

Today I’ll highlight three key considerations that will help you identify a good deal before you make an offer on a home.

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A lot of the homebuyers I speak with are curious how they can discern a good deal from a not-so-good deal, so today I’ll highlight three factors that answer that question.

In any market, the price must come first. Your real estate professional can direct you to a good lender who will pre-qualify you for a home loan. Knowing what you can afford from the get-go will make your house-hunting experience much easier.

Second, give ample consideration to the home’s features. The size of your current household and your activities as a homeowner should help you reach a decision on what features you want in your next home.

This includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms along with the size of your kitchen and living areas. For example, you may want an extra bedroom for guests or a second master suite for your parents. Think about how you spend time in your home in any given 24-hour period and how your new home can bring even more joy and comfort to those daily activities.


In any market, the price must come first.


And finally, carefully examine the home’s condition and its state of repairs, which starts with its curb appeal. Then, scrutinize its upkeep and the extent of its upgrades to decide whether it needs extensive and expensive remodeling work or not.

Consider any deferred maintenance items, such as a dysfunctional roof, and look at the home’s design versus its functionality. Is the kitchen too small and, if it is, could you afford to do a remodel?

Don’t be so quick to write off a home that might be a little worse for wear, though. A lot of times, these homes will be priced lower than the neighboring properties.

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