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Buyer Customer vs. Buyer Client

Working With an Agent? Are You a Buyer Customer or a Buyer Client?

buyer agreementIn a Real Estate transaction, Buyer Clients are entitled to a higher level of service than a Buyer Customers. Becoming a Client involves signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with a Buyer’s Representative (Agent), who then owes you Fiduciary Duties. Fiduciary duties allows your Buyer’s Agent to seek and negotiate the most favorable terms for you – and NOT disclose any material facts about your situation that could hurt your negotiating position. If, however, you have not hired a Buyer’s Agent and signed a Buyer’s Agency Agreement, you are only a Buyer Customer…. and a Buyer’s Agent may not be in a position to answer even the most basic questions such as:  “Why are they selling?” or “Is this home priced competitively?”

In today’s competitive Seller’s Market….we are finding that Buyers are putting 2-5 offers on homes before they get an offer accepted. A Great Buyer’s Agent will  prepare you to  put together competitive offers and save you time and money in the long run. At the Zebaida Group, Buyer Clients get an even higher level of service. They get INSIDER access to Exclusive Listings, a  VIP personal shopper (Showing Agent) who previews all properties on their behalf, and benefits from our REVERSE MARKETING campaigns. According to NAR 2013, buyers look at 12 homes before they put an offer on one. The Zebaida Group shows, on average, 6 homes per Buyer Client before they make an offer.  With interest rates on the rise… less time looking = money saved!

In case you were curious….the Buyer’s Agent fee is typically paid by the Seller and comes out of the Commission of the Sale Proceeds.


If you are a Buyer CUSTOMER, an Agent will:

  • Maintain loyalty to the Seller
  • Tell the Seller all they know about you
  • Keep Information about the Seller confidential
  • Focus on the Seller Client’s property
  • Only provide Pricing information that supports the Seller’s Listing Price
  • Protect the Seller
  • Negotiate on behalf of the Seller
  • Attempt to solve problems to the Seller’s advantage and satisfaction

If you are a Buyer CLIENT, your Agent will:

  • Pay full attention to YOUR needs as the buyer
  • Interrogate for information from the Seller and the Seller’s Agent that would give you a competitive edge
  • Tell you all they know about the Seller
  • Keep information about you confidential from the Seller and their Agent
  • Focus on choices that satisfy your needs
  • Provide material facts as well as professional advice
  • Provide price counseling based on comparable properties and their professional insights
  • Protect and guide you
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Attempt to Solve Problems to your advantage and satisfaction

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So what is your status? Are you working with an Agent? If so, are you a Buyer Customer or a Buyer Client?

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